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Comprehensive Educational Services


Director: Dr. Frank Falcone 

Phone: 973.931.8902                                               

Psycho-Educational Assessment

Educational Diagnosis

Dyslexia Screening and Diagnosis

Orton-Gillingham Instruction

Learning Disability Assessment


About CES


Comprehensive Educational Services (CES) has been providing quality psychoeducational evaluations and remediation since 2012. We specialize in the diagnosis of Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities, with follow up recommendations regarding targeted remediation and/or placement. Our evaluations are advantageous for individuals from K-12 settings, college students, and adults in regards to accessing essential accommodations and supports. In addition, the results of the assessments, permits clients to obtain assistance outside of school from professionals related to the area of disability.  Regarding test accommodations, our evaluations are used to obtain accommodations in the realm of Special Education, P.L. 504, as well accommodations on standardized tests such as, SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, and many more. CES offers assessment in person, as well as online, via video conference. The latter method allows flexibility accessing services based on individual availability

About the Director

Dr. Frank Falcone, the founder and director of Comprehensive Educational Services, has over 30 years extensive experience in the areas of learning disability, with a emphasis on dyslexia. He is a widely respected national expert in the areas of assessment and dyslexia diagnosis from an educational perspective. This unique background allows Dr. Falcone to identify the educational needs of his clients and offer appropriate remedial recommendations and options regarding school programming.


Dr. Falcone has a Doctoral Degree, Ed. D., Specializing in Reading and Special Education. He is certified by the State of NJ as a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDT-C), Teacher of the Handicapped, Reading Specialist, and Supervisor. Dr. Falcone is also a Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician, Dyslexia Specialist, and Orton-Gillingham Teacher. Dr. Falcone’s vast experience qualifies him to make valid diagnosis and real-world educational recommendations. He works as a private practitioner, as well as consulting with universities, medical facilities, NJ Department of Education, public schools, and private schools. Individuals with an assortment of academic profiles and learning disabilities have benefited from assessment and follow-up consultation.

How It Works


CES’s comprehensive evaluations provide a detailed learning and cognitive profile. The results of assessment may lead to a diagnosis of learning disabilities or dyslexia and equally important, provide information relevant to educational planning. CES evaluates and assesses skill levels, identifies learning differences, and provides understanding of optimum learning styles. The in-depth information gained from testing enables specific diagnoses and targeted recommendations.


  • Comprehensive psychoeducational testing (achievement/cognitive)  

  • Dyslexia Testing and diagnosis

  • Learning Disability testing and diagnosis

  • Specifically identify the presence of: Dyscalculia (Math), Dysgraphia (Written Expression)

Independent Evaluations

CES provides comprehensive independent evaluations, which strictly follow the requirements of the NJ Special Education Code. An Independent Educational Evaluation can assist in determining the presence of a disability and help in providing specially designed instruction. When a student demonstrates a disability and the disability adversely affects their educational performance, there is a need for special education services through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) by the school. The most important parts of the IEP include program placement, modifications and accommodations, goals and objectives, and creating a reachable goal for improvement in that area. Beginning in May 14, 2012, the State Office of Special Education released a memo stating that, "... districts may no longer limit parents' right to an independent evaluation by first conducting an assessment in an area not already assessed...Rather, when a parental request for an independent evaluation is received, a district must provide the evaluation at no cost to the parent, unless the school district initiates a due process hearing to show that its evaluation is appropriate and a final determination to that effect is  made following the hearing."

Second opinion and Outsourcing

Dr. Falcone has served on NJ State Child Study Teams as an LDTC and Supervisor. In addition, he has trained Learning Consultants. Testing experience spans early intervention through adulthood. CES has vast experience testing individuals with a variety of disabilities and we are available to work with school districts who desire to outsource Learning Evaluations. In addition to assessment, communication with members of the school district’s Child Study Team, if requested, is available. We are familiar with special education code, procedures in school districts, understand the types of evaluations that need to be conducted, the resources available for students, and recommendations that can be realistically implemented by your school staff. CES’s fees are fair and competitive.


Understanding an individual’s educational needs is vital to assisting in an academic setting, particularly if your child has a Learning Disability. Frequently, there is a lack of understanding regarding what services a student is entitled to receive in school, or how to guarantee that the appropriate services are provided. CES collaborates with families to advocate for their children. We go over the results of testing in understandable language and make educational recommendations to parents, teachers and child study teams. Discussions regarding programming and placement are provided. Contact with the school district, based on parental confirmation, is an available service. The educational community respects CES based on our knowledge of the special education process and experience in the field, and an ability to resolve complicated matters agreeably. To help parents protect their child’s rights, Dr. Falcone is accessible to provide guidance regarding options available under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and Section 504 (Rehabilitation Act of 1973). You can be assured that your child's needs will be addressed appropriately.


Dr. Falcone is a nationally known expert in the area of Dyslexia, (identification of dyslexia, diagnosis of dyslexia, and remediation of dyslexia). In addition to decades of experience in Psychoeducational assessment, he is a Dyslexia Specialist, Orton Gillingham Teacher, and Dr. Falcone earned a Doctoral Degree, Specializing in Reading and Special Education.


Dyslexia is a reading disorder, highlighted by difficulty with accurate and/or fluent word recognition, poor spelling, and weak decoding abilities. These difficulties characteristically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language. Phonological processing deficits are a key element when diagnosing dyslexia. The reading difficulties experienced by a dyslexic student are not consistent in relation to other cognitive abilities and the delivery of effective classroom instruction. A dyslexic individual presents as an individual who has received adequate instruction and shows no processing issues or other academic struggles, but has significant difficulties in reading, writing, and spelling.


Diagnostically, individuals formally recognized as having dyslexia classically experience primary difficulties in phonological awareness, including phonemic awareness and manipulation of sounds, single-word reading, reading fluency, and spelling.


Consequences of dyslexia may include difficulties in reading comprehension and/or written expression.  Again, these difficulties in phonological awareness are unanticipated for the age and educational level of the individual. Additionally, dyslexia is often reported in family members. Following are the primary reading/spelling characteristics of dyslexia: Difficulty reading words in isolation; Difficulty accurately decoding unfamiliar words; Difficulty with oral reading; Difficulty with spelling.

 Learning  Disability

An individual with a learning disability follows a pattern where they exhibit average to above average ability but are struggling in one or more academic areas. A comparison of Aptitude/Ability to seven academic areas provides insight into the existence of a learning disability. Following are the seven academic areas that are examined and compared to an individual’s aptitude: Basic Reading Skills; Reading Comprehension; Math Calculation; Math Reasoning; Written Expression; Oral Expression; and Listening Comprehension.


Although learning disabilities occur in very young children, the disorders are usually not recognized until the child reaches school age. Research shows that eight to ten percent of American children under 18 years of age have some type of learning disability.

Online Evaluation  Process

Following is a description of the Online Evaluation Process:


A detailed explanation will be provided during the initial phone call. After setting up an appointment, an email will be sent, which includes explanation of the process, video conference information, and an attached background form to be completed by the parent or client. We ask for the background information in order to allow for best practices when choosing assessment instruments.  Next, we will send the selected testing materials with instructions.  The evaluation will take place via video conference. Upon completion of the evaluation, a follow up appointment will be scheduled. You will have a copy of the assessment report with appropriate recommendations.



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